HEHO (INLE LAKE) : One of the most picturesque spots in Myanmar, probably in Southeast Asia, Inle Lake sprawls at about 30km south of Taunggyi. This vast picturesque lake with its mesmerizing beauty is situated roughly 1000m above sea level and surrounded by hazy Blue Mountains. In fact INLE LAKE and surrounding region is an outstanding alternative to the historical sites of BAGAN and MANDALAY. It is best known for its villages built on stilts over the surface of the Lake and gardens on floating islands created from mud and reed. Innthas (native lake-dwellers thought to have migrated from Southern Myanmar) glide about on the lake in their boats, propelled by one leg rowing. Although the unique leg-rowers are the most famous attraction in the region, there's more. Some highlights of INLE are PHAUNG DAW OO PAGODA (home to five Buddha Images, said to have brought back to Myanmar from southern Thailand over 700 years ago), the 200-year-old wooden NGA PHE KYAUNG MONASTERY (a place to see the lovely "Jumping Cats"), and YWAMA VILLAGE (formerly floating market site). As the only mode of transportation is boat and motorboat, Inle is figuratively named the "Venice of the East"


Shan State has been described as the land of picture postcard setting by many travelers. Holding almost a quarter of Myanmar's land area, it is often hard to find the exact word to describe to its beautiful scenery. Among the towns in the Shan State, KYAING TONG, 456m north-east of Taunggyi, is probably the most scenic town. Formerly known as Kengtung, it is the capital of the Eastern Shan State and locates at the centre of the world known "GOLDEN TRIANGLE" Region. Beautiful mountains where travelers can visit one-day trekking explorations to the ethnic minority villages of Akha, Lahu, Wa, Shan and other mountains-tribes surround this picturesque town.


Tachileilk, about 163km south of Kyaing Tong, is a small town on Thai-Myanmar border. Travelers are generally permitted to cross the bridge over the Mai-Seng creek. There is a busy market full of Myanmar, Thailand, and Chinese goods. For the travelers who want to continue further up to Kyaing Tong should have to get through the necessary formalities.