BAGAN : Bagan was ancient capital of the first Myanmar Empire, founded by King Anawrahta. What is more, Anawrahta accomplished another great task for the country: he introduced Theravada Buddhism into Myanmar with the help of Shin Arahan, a mission monk from THATON. It is one of the richest archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Bagan preserves 2217 well-renovated Stupas (Buddhist religious monuments) according to the most contemporary references, however, these figures do not count brick mounds, which would totalize nearly 4000 separate visible sites. Pagodas and Temples represent the diversity of ancient Myanmar architectural styles in the 11th to13th centuries. Intricate frescoes or mural paintings depicting the life of Buddha decorate the interiors of the Pagodas and Stupas. Bagan has so many mesmerizing scenes that impress one's memory forever.

At BAGAN all monuments are NOT the same. All are highly original in design and conception. The structural techniques, similar to the gothic form of Western Cathedral architecture, were in advance of contemporary engineering in Europe. Technologically daring in notion, and exquisite in execution, the Temples of BAGAN are of a splendor rarely witnessed anywhere else in the world.